This Week on Legal Talk Network (7/14/14)

Hello. This is Laurence Colletti for This Week on Legal Talk Network. On Monday, Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway from the Digital Edge talk to expert Tom Spahn about the ethics involved when a law firm breaks up or a lawyer wants to leave. Here’s a preview- On Wednesday, The Legal Toolkit’s Jared Correa continues our Special Report series from the MASS LOMAP 4th Annual Super-Marketing Conference and interviews Joyce Brafford from NCBA on how to manage social media to improve client relationships. Thursday, Heidi Alexander returns to the conference to speak to Kelli Proia from Lawducate about the how to run and market your law firm like a regular business. And on Friday, we finish the week with The Kennedy-Mighell Report – our hosts Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell discussing the new 3rd edition of Tom’s book “iPad in One Hour for Lawyers” – what’s happening with the iPad now and what to expect in the future. So tune in. It’s all right here . . . This Week on Legal Talk Network.


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