I Spoke Too Soon

My expectations that SJ would be moving to new digs at WordPress yesterday were brutally dashed. My initial reaction was to say “screw it, this isn’t worth the hassle anymore,” but I spoke with a few friends who persuaded me not to give up the effort. 

It appears that my plans, having already gone through at least three iterations, need to be redrawn. While I remain disinclined to spend a substantial amount of money to make this happen as a matter of principle, the amount of work needed to accomplish this task has proven to be far harder, more involved and less interesting than previously thought.  At the moment, I have neither a solution nor a plan being carried out for an imminent move.  Without one, SJ will vanish one day when GoDaddy pulls the plug.

Hopefully, I will figure out a way to accomplish the move before that. In the meantime, I’ll resume what I do here and if it ends up vanishing one day for lack of a viable plan, so be it.  It’s the best I can do for the time being and under the circumstances. Sorry that things haven’t worked out better thus far, but I’m still working on it.

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