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Fee Request Struck in Barbri Class Action Settlement

A federal judge has struck down an attorney’s request for legal fees in a $9.5 million class action settlement resolving antitrust claims against the publisher of the Barbri bar exam review course.


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Texas couples file same-sex marriage lawsuit

[JURIST] A lawyer representing two same-sex couples in Texas announced on Wednesday that a complaint is filed [text] in the US District Court for the Western District of Texas [official website] challenging Article 1, Sec. 32 [text] of the state’s constitution that bans marriage between same-sex partners. Texas passed the amendment in 2005 and the state does not recognize lawful same-sex marriages from other states. The complaint was filed in the federal court, as the plaintiffs allege the ban in…


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LawBiz® Legal Pad: When to Raise Your Fee?

You’ve collected the data and learned about your market and now you want to raise your fee. Ed shares some advice on when you might consider raising your fee.


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Maritime Injuries and Structured Settlements

You don’t hear much about maritime law until a huge disaster like the Costa Concordia cruise ship, which ran aground off the coast of Italy earlier this year. But the fact is, maritime accidents happen frequently and people are often left severely injured. On Ringler Radio, host Larry Cohen and co-host, Keith Christie join guest, Attorney Charles Leche, a partner at Deutsch, Kerrigan & Stiles, as they take a look at maritime law and how injured parties can have a financially secure future through structured settlements.


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ICC reverses ruling excusing Kenya president from continuous presence at trial

[JURIST] The International Criminal Court (ICC) [official website] on Tuesday reversed [decision] a previous decision that Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta [official website] be excused from parts of his crimes against humanity trial. In the initial ruling [decision], the Trial Chamber stated that the excuse was “strictly granted to accommodate the demanding functions of his office as President of Kenya.” The prosecution filed a motion for reconsideration [JURIST report] of this decision in October, requesting that the Chamber vacate the excusal…


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Wisconsin public employee collective bargaining statute amendments declared unconstitutional

A teachers’ union sought declarative and injunctive relief against the governor, claiming that statutory amendments dealing with municipal employees’ collective bargaining rights and payroll deductions of dues and pension contributions were unconstitutional.

The trial court declared the statute unconstitutional. Madison Teachers v. Walker (Wisconsin Circuit Ct 09/14/2012)

(1) Certain portions of the statute violated the free speech clauses of the Wisconsin and US constitutions. Although there is no constitutional right to collective bargaining, the statute imposes burdens on the speech and associational rights of employees represented by unions which burdens are not imposed on other employees. They cannot negotiate wage increases greater than the cost of living, they cannot pay dues by payroll deductions solely because the dues go to labor organizations. A ban on fair share agreements means that union members bear the cost of bargaining for non-members who receive the befits of bargaining. Requiring unions to be recertified annually burdens members with the full costs of the election.

(2) The trial court applied strict scrutiny to the equal protection claims because of the infringement on speech rights. The statute creates two classes of employees (represented and non-represented), and the defendants “offer no defense of the statute that would survive strict scrutiny.”

(3) Certain portions of the statute violated the Wisconsin constitution’s home rule amendment, violated the constitutional bar on impairment of contracts, and deprived employees of property without due process.

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Judge Suspends Sentencing Of Would-Be Bomber After NSA Revelations

The sentencing of a Somali-American man convicted of trying to bomb a holiday tree-lighting ceremony in Portland, Ore., in 2010 is in limbo. The hold comes days after the Justice Department notified his lawyers that part of the case against him had been “derived from” secret NSA electronic surveillance.

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Microsoft Xbox 360 E (250GB) (Albuquerque Journal)

LawBiz® Legal Pad: When to Raise Your Fee?

You’ve collected the data and learned about your market and now you want to raise your fee. Ed shares some advice on when you might consider raising your fee.


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