Suit Against Collections Law Firm Certified as Class Action

A deceptive-practices lawsuit against Pressler & Pressler, New Jersey’s largest collections firm, can proceed as a class action, a federal judge says.


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Sentencing Catherine Greig

Suffolk Law Professor Chris Dearborn discusses the recent sentencing of Catherine Greig. Read more about Professor Dearborn at


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XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PlayStation 3) (Albuquerque Journal)

Roberta Gelb on Technology Training

Roberta Gelb, president of Chelsea Office Systems, talks about how trends such as cloud computing and bring your own device (BYOD) have law firms realizing the importance of training in the adoption of new technologies.


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US Senators propose overhaul of surveillance laws

[JURIST] US Senators announced new legislation on Wednesday in a bipartisan effort to reform surveillance laws. In the wake of revealing disclosures from the National Security Agency (NSA) [official website] and Edward Snowden [JURIST news archive], Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), along with co-sponsors Mark Udall (D-CO), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Rand Paul (R-KY), hopes to enact “real, and not just cosmetic, intelligence reform” after outrage from the American public and skepticism from the international community. The bill, which has not…


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Martha Stewart Fires Pre-Emptive Shot Against Alleged Troll

Martha Stewart’s company has come out with guns blazing against an alleged patent troll, asking the U.S. District Court in Wisconsin to declare that its iPad apps do not infringe on patents asserted by Lodsys Group LLC of Marshall, Texas.


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Lawyers’ Duty to Know Technology?

Many lawyers say they are “good lawyers,” while knowing very little about legal technology. So does that statement really compute in this technology driven world? Recent discussions about possible changes to ethical rules include requirements that lawyers stay up-to-date on technology. Explore the intersection of technology, law practice and ethical rules, along with the implications for lawyers with Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell on this Kennedy-Mighell Report.


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Inside Midnight Regulations

Back in June of 2012, the Administrative Conference of the United States approved non-binding “Midnight Rules” guidelines. Midnight rulemaking involves the pushing through of rules by a President, in the last few months of their administration. Host David Yas, a BU Law alum, former publisher of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly and a V.P. at Bernstein Global Wealth, chats with consultant for the Administrative Conference of the United States, Professor Jack M. Beermann, about Midnight Regulations, the new recommendations and the potential impact on current and future administrations.


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OPINION: Two Wrongs Make it Worse in Cops’ Retrial

In the Internet age, as word of prosecutorial misconduct spreads more widely and patterns seem to emerge, judicial confidence in prosecutors may be waning.


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LawBiz® Legal Pad: Check Clearing Policies

Your bank will not always let you withdraw your money! Ed talks about bank check clearing policies that could affect your law firm.


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